Who Needs A Hero?

Sir Louie, the unicorn, from Gloria and the Unicorn
Sir Louie, the unicorn

I’ve talked a lot about Gloria’s struggles from Gloria and the Unicorn recently but the story isn’t focused on those, no, the story is all about her hero, Sir Louie, the unicorn!

We all have struggles in our life, no doubt. We may not have the same ones as Gloria, but we have something. Sometimes those struggles feel bigger than life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hero swoop in and help us? I know it’s gone out of fashion having a Prince Charming swoop in and take Cinderella away from her troubles, but don’t we all secretly wish this would happen? I mean sometimes when life gets too big, we would like to just throw up our hands and call our Fairy Godmother and say, “Help me!” Then, with one wave of her magic wand all our problems fade away. We know it’s not realistic but boy it would be nice.

So, while Prince Charming’s and Fairy Godmother’s are the thing of fairy tales, guess what? Real life heroes do exist. Maybe you’ve even been one for somebody. Maybe your neighbor was sick and you made them a meal. Maybe your friend was crying over a break up or divorce and you brought them chocolate and a funny movie. Maybe someone was in a financial jam and you gave them money. Or even maybe your life work provides an opportunity to be a hero for someone–maybe you’re a counselor or pastor or hair dresser or bar tender–you listen, you care, you advise. Or maybe even bigger–you work for the fire department, police department, or in the military and offer your own life to save other people’s lives.

Sometimes, we forget that we can make a difference. But, just like Sir Louie, the unicorn, in Gloria and the Unicorn, he made a difference by listening, advising, helping, supporting, and loving Gloria. Simple things but huge things that absolutely make a difference. Think about the times in your life when someone was there for you and it made a difference. Don’t underestimate yourself. You can be someone’s hero. You can be there unicorn!

So, look for opportunities today to help someone, to lift their spirits, to make a difference. Be someone’s unicorn!

Gloria and the Unicorn
Gloria and the Unicorn

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