Gloria and the Unicorn

Gloria and the Unicorn Book Cover
Gloria and the Unicorn


The children’s book, Gloria and the Unicorn, is my latest release. It will be available this Saturday, May 13, 2017. It is a chapter book for ages 8-11.

I was first inspired to write about a miniature white unicorn when I was peddling through the countryside outside Orlando, FL. I saw a farm with one white miniature pony standing proudly in the field. I feel in love instantly. If you know me at all, I love animals–all of them! But, this one, well, he made my heart sing. I knew I had to write a story about him. I spent the rest of my bike ride wondering what story he would tell.

When I finally had a moment alone with my computer, I sat down to type and out came a girl named Gloria who had a droopy face on one side. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could write a tale about a girl with a problem that I hadn’t lived. I was afraid I wouldn’t know how to make it real or if I would be sensitive enough. But, Gloria’s little voice in my head kept encouraging me onward. She wanted her story to be told. And well, the pony became a magical unicorn named Sir Louie. So, on I typed.

I always carry a legal pad with me and one day while waiting at the DMV, I wrote another chapter about Miss Libby, the owner of the children’s home where Gloria lived. It was sad and heart-wrenching. Miss Libby had lost her own parents when she was 21. One night she took care of an abandoned baby until the police could find the baby’s parents. But, when the baby’s parents were found and returned to them, Miss Libby was heart-broken. That’s what made her want to actually adopt other babies and eventually led to her opening Miss Libby’s Lodge. But, that story didn’t make it into the book. No, it was a bit too traumatic for the little ones, my editor said so.

Then, I wrote some more and when I had finished it was 10,000 words long. I felt it shouldn’t be quite that long for a 3rd/4th grader (although I know some can read a book that long). So, I chopped several story lines out (they will be showing up in future sequels). And I worked with my editor and a content editor until I felt I had the story tight and Gloria’s voice was strong and real and lovable. It wound up being 10,000 words anyway. LOL

Now, Gloria and Sir Louie’s story is ready for the world to read. I do hope and pray that Gloria’s story which involves struggle, a beautiful, magical creature called Sir Louie, a difficult school day, and some evil wizards will bless all who read it. She is strong, yet uncertain. She is held back from her dream but perseveres. She makes a choice that has dire consequences. She loves fiercely with everything she has and that makes all the difference. Come along on Gloria and the Unicorn, Sir Louie’s, magical adventure.

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Gloria and the Unicorn
Gloria and the Unicorn

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