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(They are called ‘Vault’ because they are secret!)


I absolutely love Natasha Daniels from AT, Anxious Toddler. She is a Child Therapist and is doing a great job keeping up with the technology that our kids know about but we don’t.

Here’s a great article of an App you need to know about called Secret Vault Apps. You may or may not have heard about this little app but it comes in all sorts of varieties in order to appear as one thing (say a calculator) when really what’s hiding behind it, after you put in a password, is a photo of your child that they don’t want anyone to know about, especially you. Scary? You bet!

You may think your child wouldn’t do this or that they are too young, but Natasha says children as young as 10 have come in to her office and told her about this secret app. Other children may be asking for these photos and since it may appear to your child that ‘everyone’ is doing it, they play along. Children do not even think about how this could affect them. It’s up to you as their parent to find out about this technology and snoop on your child’s phone in order to deal with it head on.

Natasha tells you the full story and how to find out if this app is hiding on your child’s phone plus she gives some helpful tips for keeping your child safe.

Read the full article here.


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