10 Days To Celebrate Reading (and their #hashtags) for Book-Lovers, Bloggers, & Bookstagrammers

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I still don’t show pictures of neatly arranged books next to beautiful bud vases and interesting socks on Instagram, but I’m improving. I understand Instagram is a visual medium, and I see how others are adept at using it, but I’m really just in it to share books (@rebeccarvincent) and see what everyone else is reading. 

Nevertheless, I like following others who post about books and searching through common hashtags is a good way to start. Recently I stumbled upon #NationalReadingDay. Except I stumbled upon it a day late and was unprepared. So I figured maybe I could find a few more national/international days related to book reading and be better able to participate and connect. Maybe one or two of them could help you, too?

January 23:National Reading Day (#NationalReadingDay) and January 27 isMulticultural Children’s Book Day (#ReadYourWorld)

February 16:World Read Aloud Day (#wrad17)

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