Little birdie by Wanda Luthman 

Thank you, David Snape, for posting my write up about my newest book, Little Birdie Grows Up.

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You know the feeling when you bring your new born baby home and you’re both terrified and incredibly happy at the same time? Then, within a day or two, while you’re basking in the sweetness of new life, you start thinking about the future? What will they look like, what will they enjoy doing? And then your thoughts turn a little darker, will they still like me when they’re a teenager? And then, you think about them leaving home. You get sad. You love this bundle of joy so much, you can’t imagine them leaving!And there you are, crying a puddle in your living room, holding your sweet baby, and thinking about the future that hasn’t happened yet. Your child hasn’t suddenly grown up and left you. You have just allowed your thoughts to get ahead of you and are weeping for the loss of what you’ve just been given…

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