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Check out my first article in Florida Now News!I feel blessed and honored to write for this up and coming business magazine.

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Merritt Island, FL. – Merritt Island High School (MIHS) is taking students’ dreams of working in the business world and turning them into a reality through their Academy of Hospitality & Tourism. It’s known as the HEAT Academy which stands for Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism at MIHS which has been in place for about 8 years. However, under the astute leadership of Mrs. Lauren Little, Academy Director, HEAT has grown and is continuing to grow, bringing new business partners, industry credentials, and classes.

Two seniors, Skyla Murray and Timothy Compton, said, “We joined because we wanted the academy experience.” The Academy experience involves having three classes each year with the same like-minded students, having special speakers, taking business-related field trips, doing business-related internships, and visiting business college campuses. While Timothy prefers Science as a subject matter, he has enjoyed his experience in this Academy. Skyla has always been interested in Business…

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