School Visit at Challenger 7 Elementary


Challenger 7 Elementary School Sign


Monday, November 21st, Kimberly Badgett, a 2nd grade teacher at Challenger 7 Elementary School invited me to visit her class.


If you look close, you’ll see turtles on my scarf/shawl



I read my book, A Turtle’s Magical Adventure, which has earned a 5 star review on Reader’s Favorite. The kids were great! They laughed, they were afraid and then they were relieved. They were sitting on the edge of their seats throughout the story.


Sorry about the blurry picture but I wanted you to see the excitement of the kids


Nothing does an author’s heart better than reading to their audience and having them enjoy the story!

If your child hasn’t read, A Turtle’s Magical Adventure, you can order a copy from Amazon today. Your child will be delighted with the story and they’ll learn a wonderful lesson about accepting themselves and others just as they are. A great Holiday present!

Thank you, Mrs. Badgett, for having me visit your classroom. I had a wonderful time!


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