Character Ed., What is it?



My blog is focused on helping children be the best people they can be and helping the adults in their lives figure out how best to teach and encourage them. I often do research, share blog posts, and write my own thoughts about this topic in order to be a resource for you. So, today, I’m sharing with you an awesome website I found.

It’s called and it has a great list of Positive Character Traits with explanations of each one and an overarching reason for why schools should teach Character Education .

In short, this website gives 10 positive characteristics plus Patriotism. The 10 character traits are the following:











The reason for teaching Character Education in schools is based upon The Golden Rule (known in this article as reversibility and universalizability). The Golden Rule of “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

These traits are agreed upon due to their ability to protect individuals as well as the common good of everyone. If we can encourage these traits in our children, we develop good citizens of society and even the world and thereby create a sustainable community that can grow and improve and thrive.

I encourage you to read the definitions of each character trait as well as the definition of character education at this website

It is truly inspiring!

I’m glad to be part of helping you help your child or students and encourage any dialogue you’d like to have or resources you are aware of to further enhance my own knowledge.


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