Canute: Using Braille to make ‘Kindles’ for blind people…

This invention is truly carving a new path for our blind friends. I’m grateful to these caring people to create such a wonderful instrument and for making it affordable.

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Extract of an interesting article from The Memo site:


Canute is tackling the decline in Braille literacy – and everyone should care.

Being able to read is one of the most precious of skills: Books free the imagination and inspire creativity – they allow people to learn independently, and relax after a hard day.

But not everyone has that luxury.

This week is National Braille Week: a week dedicated to the raised dots that allow blind people to read letters, numbers, punctuation and words.

But Braille is on the decline.

In the ’60s up to 50% of blind school children in the US were able to read Braille, but this figure is now closer to 10%.

Today one company hopes to turn this around, with a device that’s fit for the digital age.

Get ready to meet Canute.

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