I’m reblogging this post because what it shares is important. Failure teaches important skills, so does allowing your child to fall, sometimes.

Kids Gallore

The most experienced part of our lives is – failure. Failure so that we can rise up, learn and don’t repeat the same things again. The same thing goes with children. Let your little ones fall and it’s OK for them to fall. When children fall, they learn to get back up all by themselves and wipe them off. Falling is also a part of the learning process for your child. As kids fall, their brain learns to adapt and tries to moderate changes in hand and leg movements. As they fall more and more, and get practice of it, they prevent themselves from falling by shifting their body weight to the other side.These adaptive responses help children organize incoming sensations, to create a more mature brain.

Cautioning the child is a very common thing one does, when a child tries to explore foreign territories like climbing stairs, or climbing…

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6 thoughts on “LET YOUR KIDS FALL

  1. Falling makes one to stand
    Falling and failing again makes one to stand erect
    Kids or Adult falling is an lesson
    I Wonder & Admire your spirit
    The goal you have chosen for your Blog
    Accept My Salutations.
    Blessings shower on YOU


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