Sleeping Beauty by David Roberts and Lynn Roberts-Maloney (Pavilion)

I love the updated fairy tale idea with strong leading women!

13669819_10154202873105446_6772337748946162413_nWe absolutely adore these reinvented classic fairy tales from Pavilion.

The newest addition to this group is a highly stylish 1950s (and 2950s) interpretation of ‘Sleeping Beauty‘.

Retold in a contemporary style, these updated mid-century versions of our well-loved fairy tales are bound to be a complete winner with a new audience of readers everywhere.

13709771_10154202873195446_7286547201885632424_nOffering a fresh take on these quintessential tales, Lynn Roberts-Maloney (David Roberts’ sister) has created a fairy tale that is way more current and more accessible for a wide and varied audience.

Complete with an injection of David Roberts characterisation and stylish illustration, there’s nothing we don’t love about this feisty, science-fiction obsessed heroine.

13731556_10154202873115446_1287038286100409516_nMeet Annabel, our protagonist.

A space-loving, strong-minded, 1950s female with a passion for robots and all things scientific.

Her sixteenth birthday arrives and following a fall out with a disgruntled neighbour, she is doomed to prick her finger and sleep for 1000 years.

13659100_10154203025500446_7471296616489977576_nThe main…

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