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Hi, Everyone!

I had the opportunity to try out an Ice Cream Shop in Satellite Beach, FL called Surfin’ Turtle recently. I popped in because of the name since I’m into turtles and my latest book, A Turtle’s Magical Adventure, is about a turtle, obviously. So, I was intrigued.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised! When I first heard about Surfin’ Turtle, I assumed wrongly, that it was a restaurant. When I actually pulled into the parking lot, I realized it was an Ice Cream Shop. That’s good because I wasn’t sure if a restaurant named the Surfin’ Turtle might serve surf and turtle, get it?Surfin' Turtle front

They had many different flavors of ice cream but I saw Dole Whip on the menu. After asking the server in the window what a Dole Whip was, I ordered one. She explained it was a Pineapple Sorbet. Once I put that first spoonful in my mouth, my memory came back to me. I used to eat these in Hawaii. The Dole Pineapple Company was huge there and the Dole Whip was a staple all over the island. They’re delicious! They’re sweet, refreshing, and takes the heat right out of your body.

I sat under the awning and enjoyed the rather warm Florida summer heat (98 degrees but feels like 110). I noticed there were several board games for kids to play, a large checker game with a cloth checkerboard and a one-hole putt-putt mat. There was a father with his son enjoying the putt-putt when I noticed a two foot high wooden fenced-in area. It had a stick with a decorative ornament on it protruding above the fence. I thought it was just a plant area but decided I’d get up and look.

Guess what? It had turtles in it! Real live turtles!! I was so excited to see a place that celebrates turtles. I took out my phone and started taking pictures. They even had a turtle nest. I would love to see those little babies!

I went up to the window again and explained that I was a local children’s author who had just written a book about a turtle and wondered if I could leave a copy for the kids to enjoy with all the games. She said, sure. Her name is Nicki Brackett and she co-owns the Surfin’ Turtle with her husband, Todd Brackett. They’ve been open for 3 years now. She is a delightful lady!Surfin' Turtle turtles 1Surfin' Turtle turtles 2

So, if you’re in the area and need to cool off from the heat, pop into the Surfin’ Turtle (located at 1210 Florida A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937) and grab yourself a cool ice cream, play some games, and enjoy the turtles. It’s more than just an ice cream shop, it’s a destination.

And just FYI, I’m not getting paid for this article and this isn’t an advertisement, I’m just sharing a fun experience I had recently.



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