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As someone who loves lilacs, but never having lived in the Northeast where they grow, I was interested if lilacs grew in my state of Florida. I Google’d it and lo and behold, I found a discussion group. I was delighted to find so many people who love lilacs as much as I do! I’m happy to tell you that there are a few varieties that do grow in Florida, especially Central Florida (where I live). One is called Blue Sky and another other is called The Ivory Silk. One that sounds most promising is called “(Syringa vulgaris) or ‘Snowy Beach Party’, a true, white-flowered bush which is said to grow and bloom even in Zone 10!” One more that grows in FL but not Zone 10 where I live is called Lavender Girl. It grows in Zone 8, up in the Panhandle.

I’m very excited to get my own plant and see how it does. I’m thinking I may just pot it inside so it has a cooler temperature and hopefully has better success. I don’t have a green thumb by any means, so I want to give the poor plant a fighting chance. I’m likely to plant something outside and then forget to water it. My husband, thankfully, is the green thumb in the family!

We visited Alaska last year and picked up a packet of Forget Me Nots (Alaska’s State Flower). We planted them recently, outside in a pot. They’re coming up, but boy, does my husband have to water them every day! I’ll take a picture of them if and when they bloom.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not sharing the discussion group link as a commercial for Target, the people in the discussion group talk about purchasing from Target’s Garden Center. I’m sure you can find other stores that sell lilacs and there’s always the internet.

And there will be people who feel we shouldn’t try to grow lilacs in Florida because they are not native plants. My personal feelings are that it’s all North America and as long as a plant isn’t introduced that would be bad for the environment, like one that takes over and kills native plants, then I think it’s ok to adapt plants for other regions. I know some palm trees that can grow further north in chillier weather.

I love all kinds of flowers. I lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and love plumerias. I have several plants in my yard. I also have gardenias. I LOVE how they smell! And I have a beautiful purple crepe myrtle. I know they don’t smell like lilacs but they do look like them in their delicate blooms.

I’m not a gardener and this isn’t meant to give gardening advice, I’m just a fellow lover of lilacs! I’m a children’s author and every book I write has lilacs in it in some way. If you’d like to follow me, you can at http://www.wandaluthman.wordpress.com

Hope this article has been helpful to you and if you’d like to access the discussion group, I’ve provided the link below



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