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When a book starts out with, “Once Upon A Time,” it signifies that the story is just a fairytale. But, it also means there is a subtle underlying message. A message that is a deeper truth rooted in reality. That’s why I started my book, The Lilac Princess, with Once Upon A Time. It, too, has a deeper message. But, all too often, we look at fairy tales and think, “that’s a nice story,” and we miss the actual underlying message. For instance, in Cinderella, people have been bashing this fairytale recently because they feel the “meaning” that was conveyed in that story was a helpless female awaiting her knight to save her or that a woman is unable to save herself. But, I believe that there was actually another message hidden in that story; One of empowerment for women who are living in an unfortunate situation due to no fault of their own and living in a society that doesn’t give women personal power.

When you look at Cinderella, she was living with a step-mother and two step-sisters who didn’t love her. Who knows why? Maybe they were jealous of her or maybe they just didn’t like that someone else was in their life, or their home, or sharing their resources which may have been scarce, etc. But, at any rate, there she was, unloved. Do you know people who are living in that situation, maybe even, you? But then, something extraordinary happened-an opportunity came along. Not an everyday opportunity but one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and she seizes it! She doesn’t wallow in self-pity and think that she doesn’t deserve the opportunity. No, she goes for it with everything she has. Of course, the step-mother and step-sisters interfere and she feels all hope is lost. But, it wasn’t. You see, often, when we put it out to the universe that we want something and we are all in, we are doing everything we can to get there, the universe responds and helps us. She ultimately got her opportunity and it worked out for her. She was successful!

Now, you might be saying, see, it is all about getting her Prince. But, that’s just because back when the story was written, women were not seen as much more than property so the writer was a bit short-sighted by not giving her success in her own strength, and instead gave her the success that was, for women, the only way to achieve success through the power-holders of the time. However, the message, the alternate underlying message, other than the obvious story, is still there, go for the opportunity, be all in, don’t let your present circumstances get you down and you, too, can achieve success in whatever form that is for you.

Now, that’s a Cinderella story I can get behind!

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