The local writing group that I recently joined has been encouraging me to write my memoirs.  I’m not sure if that’s a task I will pursue but it’s a thought.  I have written my life story a number of times before.  My Masters Degree is in Mental Health.  There were a couple of classes that would ask us to write our life story.  It was indeed cathartic. I wrote it again about 3 years ago again as a way of releasing some pent up thoughts.  Writing, I believe, is very healing.  I love to write.  I always have, and as a previous Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I often encouraged clients to journal.  There is power in getting your thoughts all out on paper.  It helps to articulate your thoughts rather than let them swim around in your head. But, one thing I noticed in writing my life history several times at different points in my life is that the story would be a little different.  I don’t mean completely different but some things that used to bother me, no longer did and maybe other things that hadn’t bothered me before, bothered me at the time of the writing. So memoirs are fluid and that’s why I’m not sure if it will be a task I undertake or not. What about you?  Do you ever feel like writing your memoirs?

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